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Beauty Review: Fergie Outspoken Intense Fragrance

Whether you love her music (solo or with Black Eyed Peas), dancing, sexy curves or hot hubby Josh Duhamel, there is no denying that Fergie is on the top of her game. All her songs shoot to number one and and she hopes her new Outspoken Intense fragrance is number one too.

THE HYPE: Outspoken by Fergie was one of the hottest perfumes last year. It ended up as the top selling perfume of all time for Avon. So, as to capture even more of Fergie’s popularity they are releasing Outspoken Intense a new version of the scent.

THE TEST: We added Outspoken Intense to our perfume shelf to see if the fragrance could match up to our favourites.

THE VERDICT: Perfume is personal and there is just something about this scent that rubs us the wrong way. While the combination fruity and floral scent is nice, it is a typical scent. It will probably remind you of a hundred other perfumes you have smelled. Something about it reminds us of those women you stand near on public transit who always spray themselves with too much perfume. Despite all of those negative feelings that arise when you first spray it, hours later once the smell is fainter it’s quite nice. There is a subtle femininity about it. Unfortunately most of it will wear off quickly, so you feel like you have to constantly keep spraying to keep the smell alive. Since the bold smell is so unappealing, it ends up being a viscous cycle. So while we may decide to keep Outspoken Intense around, it won’t be at the front of the shelf.

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