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Beauty News: DKNY Creates World’s Most Expensive Perfume

DKNY along with jeweler Martin Katz have teamed up to create the first million bottle fragrance.

The DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle is luxuriously carved from yellow and white gold in the trademark apple shape of DKNY’s fragrance bottle. Then 2,909 precious stones were added from around the world to create this amazing perfume bottle. The jewels included turquoise paraiba tourmaline, oval cabochon sapphires, pink diamonds, rose cut diamonds, rubies and pear shaped diamonds. To make it even more amazing, the stones were placed by Katz to create the New York skyline.

The fragrance bottle will be shown before being sold to raise money for Action Against Hunger, a humanitarian group committed to ending world hunger.

See Martin Katz talk about the making of the bottle here:

[youtube gBkweUwdnqQ]

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