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Back To School Beauty Essentials

We all know that back to school time means new school supplies and some new clothes for your wardrobe, but if you are heading off to school this fall there are some beauty essentials that will help you through the year too. Since you will be so busy with homework and after school activities ease is crucial for these products, you don’t have time to be fussing. A few essential back to school beauty products will help this semester be stunning. Here are our picks for your back to school beauty must have products:

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1. Nordstrom, Laura Mercier ‘Canyon Fall Look’ Cheek Mélange, $41.20 – A swipe of blush will give your skin a glow if you need a fresher face.
2. Sephora, Harajuku Lovers Super G Limited Edition Fragrance, $45.00 – Start school with a signature scent that no one else has, so that cute boy
3. Ulta, Garnier Nutritioniste Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller, $12.99 – Late nights giving you dark circles under your eyes? Fool everyone with this eye roller to smooth out those eyes to always look bright and alert.
4. mark, Get Treatment Anti-Acne Overnight Fix, $12.00 – School can be stressful, so don’t let acne get your down. Use this acne fighter while you sleep to fight breakouts.
5. Sephora, Nails Inc. Colour Collection, $38.00 – A set of long lasting polishes in neutral shades are perfect to match every outfit, so you don’t have to worry about it.
6. Stila, MAJOR Major Lash Mascara, $22.00 – You might be surprised how a coat of mascara can really wake up your face before you rush to class.
7. Target, Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $4.79 – If you are really strapped for time and maybe pulling an all nighter, a spray of dry shampoo can save you if you don’t have time for a shower between classes.

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