Pros and Cons: Which Hair Removal Method is Best For You?

By Maria Barillaro, Beauty Booty 411

With summer in full swing, it’s time to get hair removal options on your radar. Before slipping into your teeny bikini with unsightly hair on your bod, find out which one of these hair removal options is best for you.

1. At-Home Wax
While the thought of waxing one’s own legs or bikini can be daunting for some, it’s actually an easy thing to do at home and is way more affordable than a visit to the salon. Andrea Professionals Water Soluble Cold Wax ($13.99) is the perfect way to get smoother legs this summer without dishing out a fortune. The best part is that this mess-free wax washes off quickly and you don’t even need to heat it up. Apply a very thin layer of cold wax in the same direction as the hair grows. Then apply a cotton strip over it and pull back quickly against the grain of the hair to ensure maximum hair removal. To top it all off, this kit comes with SloGrow Lotion, a new product designed to slow down the regrowth process so you can stay smoother, longer.

TIP: When waxing, be sure to start with small areas at a time, especially on sensitive areas like the bikini, pull quickly, and don’t pull repeatedly on the same spot. This will only cause irritation.

WHAT WE LOVE: Waxing removes dead cells and keeps the skin looking and feeling soft and smooth for four to six weeks. Plus, continuous waxing will result in less and less body hair over time.

WHAT WE SO DON’T LOVE: It’s a tad painful (especially on the bikini zone) and can cause irritation if done improperly. You also have to wait at least 4 weeks before your next wax so in summer, you may have to avoid showing off your legs as you approach your next wax period.

2. Old-Fashioned Shaving
If you’re looking for a quick way to remove unwanted body hair without having to wait weeks at a time, head to the pharmacy to pick up a Gillette Venus Embrace Razor ($15.99). With 5 blades, this extremely gentle razor will remove hair in a flash for instantly smooth skin.

TIP: Always use a shaving cream when shaving your legs. Ditch your old soap and water idea because this can actually dry out the skin and lead to more cuts.

WHAT WE LOVE: Shaving is the ultra-quick way to get rid of body hair and get bikini-ready.

WHAT WE SO DON’T LOVE: Shaving will thicken the hair and the regrowth is quick so you’ll have to maintain your body by shaving as often as every few days. And if done too quickly, there’s always a risk of a nasty cut here and there.

3. Hair Removal Cream
If you’re looking to save time but have a knack for cutting yourself with your razor, a product like Nair Shower Power Hair Removal Cream with Aloe Vera ($8) may be your new BFF. Just apply the cream in the shower, wait the recommended amount of time and rinse off. Plus, the results will last longer than shaving.

TIP: Always apply aloe vera to areas where you’ve used a hair removal cream. It will keep your skin smooth and soft and there will be less chance of irritation.

WHAT WE LOVE: These creams are super affordable and give great results in a flash.

WHAT WE SO DON’T LOVE: Hair removal creams can sometimes be too harsh for those with sensitive skin and hair growth will not diminish over time like with waxing.

4. Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL)
Contrary to popular misbelief, IPL laser hair removal does not emit radiation and has not been proven harmful in any way. Salons like Romanza in Montreal and The Laser Clinic in Toronto offer IPL hair removal that guarantees permanent results. (There are salons that offer IPL in ever city in Canada.) This process will eliminate hair and prevent it from ever coming back. If you’re willing to give it a go on your own, at-home laser devices like Silk’n SensEpil (available at Sephora for about $500) are available.

TIP: If you’re going to invest in laser treatments, spend a few bucks more on numbing cream before each session to lessen the pain. If you plan to attempt the at-home option, make sure to consult with a Sephora beauty expert to get all the necessary safety information first.

WHAT WE LOVE: This is the only proven effective method of safe and permanent hair removal.

WHAT WE SO DON’T LOVE: The cost of laser hair removal is quite expensive and is only a good option for you if it fits into your budget.


Maria Barillaro began her career working full-time for LOULOU Magazine. From online copy editor to beauty editor, she quickly discovered that her adventures in beauty product testing were the beginning of a new and unforeseen career path. Now freelancing for online publications like Reader’s Digest and Best Health, this web savvy beautista also works around the clock on her very own blog: Beauty Booty 411. Whether it’s the buzz on the latest trends, hottest new beauty goodies, tips or advice, Maria has it all. [Photo Copyright of Suzie Frias]

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