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Beauty Review: Olay Total Effects Moisturizer

Olay is known for keeping women of all ages looking young and beautiful. Their Total Effect line is the ultimate in anti-aging skin care products that promises to fight the seven signs of aging. Can this moisturizer keep us looking our best?

THE HYPE: This moisturizer not only fights the seven signs of aging with the Olay secret formula, but there is a bonus. They have added a cooling effect to this moisturizer for a refreshing chill and a hint of mint in the cream gives your face freshness.

THE TEST: To use this moisturizer daily to see if it keeps us cool and fresh, not to mention looking young.

THE VERDICT: Olay has done it again with this cooling moisturizer. It pumps out of the bottle at the perfect consistency, not too runny or thick. You will notice the cooling sensation almost immediately. It’s a really nice feeling especially if you put it on after a warm bath or shower. The idea of a minty face cream is scary, but you will be happy to know that this isn’t a smelly overpowering product. Other than the refreshing feeling on your skin you wouldn’t know there is anything extra in the moisturizer. It did feel like it took a long time for your skin to dry after applying, but at least your skin will feel moisturized for a long time. As for the anti-aging properties in this cream, only time will tell but we have trusted Olay products this long.

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