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BEAUTY FIND: Black Jade Fragrance

Generally we wouldn’t call a fragrance isn’t a must smell beauty find for the girl who falls in love with it. It’s such a personal purchase, but we’ve found one that we think every girl is going to want to smell. Launched by the fragrance house Lubin just last week, Black Jade is a fragrance said to be made for Marie Antoinette.

The story goes that perfumer Jean Louis Fargeon created this scent especially for the Queen for France during her reign using flowers from her gardens and exotic herbs. Roses from her private Trianon gardens at Versailles castle reminded her of home. They say Marie Antoinette carried this fragrance everywhere she went. Reports say when she fled it was her signature scent that gave her away in the end.

This fragrance had been lost, but Lubin has replicated the Queen’s signature smell by using the aroma of it found in a black vial after her death. And you can have it for your own! Who wouldn’t want to smell like one of the most well known Queen’s in history?

Smelling like a queen comes at a cost though. You can purchase Black Jade now from Lubin for $160.00.

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