BEAUTY BREAKTHROUGH: Caffeine Beauty Products

Move over collagen, because the latest hot ingredient in beauty products is here and it’s already a crucial part of your morning routine. Caffeine is the hot new buzz product in beauty and skin care products to help you get more beautiful skin.

Beauty products are turning to caffeine to help you rid your skin (and especially your face) of fine lines and wrinkles. When used in these products caffeine stimulates blood circulation. This increases the blood flow helping your skin look better and fresh. It also smooths, tones and gets out any impurities in your skin helping it look less puffy.

Those very popular rollerballs that claim to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes often depend on caffeine as the main ingredient. Multitudes of other companies have picked up on this trend and included a caffeinated product in their offerings. From coffee lip balms to face powders and hand creams, you can get a caffeine-infused product to give your skin a boost.

[Photo via Julius Schorzman]

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