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Red Hair – The Season’s Must-Have Hair Colour

coco rochaEvery season fashionable women everywhere look to lighten, brighten and in many cases, revamp their hair colour.

This season the must-have hair colour is red. Vibrant, sexy red is “in”. Women are encouraged to experiment with shades of shades of copper, ginger, strawberry, apricot and auburn (think model Coco Rocha or Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks). Well known blonde celebrities are also jumping on the red hair band wagon with stars like Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson going red. Marie Claire magazine beauty editor Ying Chu spoke to The Los Angeles Times about the demand for red hair and said, “I’ve always thought of red as a state of mind. The color portrays a fiery, seductive, standout personality.”

Interested in giving red a try? We warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart. For the majority of women, red hair required a lot of maintenance and day-to-day care. Professional shampoos and conditioners should be used to help maintain colour and re-touching can be more frequent with red hair than any other hair colour. We recommend visiting a salon to get a consultation before making the change to red. For most of you, going red is best done by a professional.

[Photo via PR Photos]

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