How to Tame Your ‘Do This Summer

By Maria Barillaro, guest blogger

So our favourite season has just begun and we’re über-excited. Although there is one small downside – along with the beautiful weather comes rebellious and unmanageable hair! Keep reading to find how out how you and your mane can beat the heat this summer with these essential haircare products.

Summer Haircare Products

1. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Smooth Shine Smoothing Milk ($17.75)

Made specifically for rebellious locks, this ultra-luxurious product is ideal for anyone with wild frizz, uncontrollable curls or just plain unmanageable hair. The formula is extra hydrating and its Ionic Polymer Shield Complex smoothes hair and gives it long-lasting shine and frizz-control while keeping it from turning into anything in the afro spectrum.

2. Bain de Terre Coconut Papaya Ultra Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner ($11.45-$12.75)

These sweet-smelling products are the first step in any hair-taming routine. Dry, brittle hair leads to frizz, split ends and other unsightly problems. Keeping your mane hydrated will help control your frizz or rambunctious curls.

3. BLONDME Glorious Hold Hairspray ($17.95)

If you’ve got blond hair, you know that any old product just won’t cut it for you. Product build-up really stands out against pale hair so overdoing it on the hairspray to flatten your frizz or prevent your hair from curling won’t quite do the trick – unless you’re using a lightweight spray made specifically for you. Spray on a light coat of this flexible hold hairspray with reflective properties and not only will your locks shine all day, but frizz won’t get the best of you.

4. REDKEN Color Extend SPF 12 ($12)

Just like your skin, your hair can also get severely damaged by harmful UV rays. While the effects are not nearly as serious as with the skin, sun damage can still make hair brittle, dry and weak. This will cause it to discolour and split which can only result in one thing – frizz! Instead of searching for products to repair your hair, try preventing the damage beforehand with sunscreen for your precious locks.


Maria Barillaro began her career working full-time for LOULOU Magazine. From online copy editor to beauty editor, she quickly discovered that her adventures in beauty product testing were the beginning of a new and unforeseen career path. Now freelancing for online publications like Reader’s Digest and Best Health, this web savvy beautista also works around the clock on her very own blog: Beauty Booty 411. Whether it’s the buzz on the latest trends, hottest new beauty goodies, tips or advice, Maria has it all. [Photo Copyright of Suzie Frias]

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