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Desperately Seeking Lashes?

toofacedsizequeenThe latest beauty product to generate significant buzz in the world of mascara is the new ‘Too Faced Size Queen Mascara’. For those of you on the never-ending quest for long, lush lashes, the always provocative Too Faced Cosmetics might have what you’re looking for.

Too Faced Size Queen Mascara is a beauty powerhouse with a mascara formula and brush that actually work together to give you that much-loved sultry eye look. Size Queen is a keratin-infused curl setting formula with vitamin C and E. It comes with a gigantic corkscrew shaped brush that contains both long and short bristles. This brush will get your attention. It grabs all lashes, coating and conditioning for a big, wide-eyed look. After application, lashes not only look thicker and longer, but they also seem brighter (courtesy of light-reflecting pigments added to formula).

Reviews have been positive with many beauty insiders and customers giving Too Faced Size Queen the thumbs up. If you’re in the market for new mascara with all the bells and whistles, you might want to take a closer look at Too Faced Size Queen. It’s a bit pricey at $21, but certainly cheaper than a prescription of Latisse!

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