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BEAUTY REVIEW: Lise Watier 24 Hrs Glam Mascara

35_MASCARA_GLAM_219_3Adding pops of vibrant colour where ever possible is a key message this season. With that in mind, Lise Watier has released 24 Hrs Glam Mascara — a waterproof formulation available in shades of blue, green and purple.

THE HYPE: This new mascara claims to render eyes “completely irresistible,” making them appear fuller and longer. It also contains a “film-forming formula” that envelopes each lash with a 3D waterproof coating along with minerals and moisturizing ingredients.

THE TEST: Lise Watier challenged us to really put this product’s water resistant properties to the test. We went with the green shade. Once applied the effect is rather understated. There’s a hint of colour, but it’s not so outrageous that we felt awkward wearing it around the office. At the company’s prompting we generously misted our lashes with water and the mascara didn’t budge. Not a smudge or flake to speak of (though our shadow and liquid liner didn’t fare as well).

THE VERDICT: While the lengthening and volumizing effects of this product were not quite equal to other lash boosting mascaras we’ve tried, this is definitely a product we’d recommend for summer. The subtle colour draws attention to the eyes and the formulation give this product the staying power to withstand both muggy days and dips in the pool.

Lise Watier’s 24 Hrs Glam Mascara is available in stores now and sells for $21.

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