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Doctors Recommend Changing Sheets Once A Week For Cleaner Skin

Closeup portrait of a beautiful young girl after refreshing herWe are sure that our beauty readers are careful to keep their skin beautiful by washing their face, moisturizing and wearing sunscreen, but doctors suggest there is another thing you should be doing to keep your face beautiful. Dermatologists suggest changing your sheets and washing your pillow cases once a week to keep your skin fresh.

You don’t usually think about it, but according this story your pillow case collects all of the grease, sweat and residue from your hair and skin while you sleep. If you use the same pillow case over and over that can get back onto your skin and in your eyes. It can cause puffy eyes and acne.

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These skin doctors suggest washing your sheets with hot water to kill any dust mites and get rid of dead skin cells for fresh sheets and more beautiful skin.

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