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Beauty Review: Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Fragrances

calvin klein eternity summer fragranceGet in the mood for summer with the annual return of Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer fragrance. We think it pairs perfectly with sundresses and flip flops.

We love this fragrance because it’s strong without being over powering. The floral aroma is very girly and bright. It leaves a fresh scent wherever you go and it’s a really nice smell when you catch a whiff of it on your clothes hours after your have applied it. It lingers lightly so it feels like it’s actually you who naturally smells like lily and jasmine.

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The best part is that if he likes the smell, there is a Calvin Klein Eternity Summer scent for men as well. This is the perfect accompaniment to the ladies fragrance. It’s not too bold and overpowering.

This fragrance won’t be around forever so if you are looking for something light for summer you better get it while you can.

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