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SK-II and Cate Blanchett Donate Water With Clear For Life

Cate BlanchettHere we may not think about how much water we use and waste by cleaning out faces, showering and brushing our teeth, but that isn’t an option for people around the world. Cate Blanchett and beauty brand SK-II have teamed up for the Clear For Life project to donate clean water to areas around the world.

The cause is easy, they aren’t asking you for money just clicks. Every time you click to promote Clear For Life on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, SK-II will donate $1 to the cause. To date 289 litres of water have been donated to Asian communities that need clean, safe water. They also help to improve the areas, so they can hopefully get safe water of their own.

Blanchett says she got involved because growing up she would see the drought in Australia and she understands the cause and need for accessible water.

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