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Beauty Review: BGP Tries Reese Witherspoon’s Love To The Fullest Fragrance

reese witherspoon love fragranceIf I had to guess what Reese Witherspoon smelled like it would probably be apple pies and nature and the smell of a good southern girl who loves home and family. Somehow her fragrance made me think of home too. Something about the smell of Love To The Fullest reminds me of a scent from my childhood. It is just comfortable and sweet.

This is the first of three new scents for Reese and says it has flavors of black berry, peony, amber, and woods. I’m actually not sure I smell any of these things when I spray it on myself. It is a very rich perfume. It has a full smell.

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The problem is the good part of the smell only last for a small window. Chances are when you first spray this perfume, you aren’t going to like it. I didn’t. It smelled very chemically. Once i let it rest for a few minutes, it hit me. That rich homey smell that must be reminiscent of something my grandmother wore when I was a child.

Unfortunately part way through the day, when I really wanted that smell, it was gone. It barely lasts any time all. Not great when you want to spritz yourself before a big date.

So even though I like Reese Witherspoon’s perfume, it will probably be relegated to the back of the shelf.

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