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How to Get the Perfect Sun-Free Tan

musst-self-tannerBy Maria Barillaro, guest blogger

M.U.S.S.T. (Make-up Supply Shop for the Trade) is the brand name of the one and only self-tanning product I’ve ever tried that I actually love. Forget orange-based creams and fake-looking tans and most definitely forget the tanning salon. In fact, you can even minimize your exposure to actual sunlight and get the perfect tan without damaging your skin.

I was very apprehensive about trying a spray tan product because I was worried I’d end up orange. I met with two fabulous makeup artists, Giovanna De Caro and Geneviève Dubé, at the M.U.S.S.T. studio in Montreal and they showed me how the products worked.

With a brown/olive base, these products will give you the same results as a salon spray tan and there is absolutely no way you can end up maria-barillaro-self-tanlooking orange. There is actually no orange pigment in either of the products. Just look at this picture I took last week. I have a healthy glow and you could never tell it’s a fake.

To get the best results, here are a few helpful hints to get the perfect sun-free tan:

Exfoliate your skin in the shower before applying the products to ensure an even tan. FYI, you should be exfoliating daily, anyway.

Moisturize your body and face with a light cream

Spray: Apply from 6-inches away in a circular motion and use the brush to even it out. Apply one coat at a time. Colour will darken within three hours though you’ll see results instantly.

Lotion: Apply sparingly in areas like the knees, feet and ankles. Use latex gloves if possible, otherwise, do small areas at a time and wash your hands in between each section so the cream doesn’t staining your fingers. It washes off really easily.

Find all of the M.U.S.S.T. products on their website to try their products.

Maria Barillaro began her career working full-time for LOULOU Magazine. From online copy editor to beauty editor, she quickly discovered that her adventures in beauty product testing were the beginning of a new and unforeseen career path. Now freelancing for online publications like Reader’s Digest and Best Health, this web savvy beautista also works around the clock on her very own blog: Beauty Booty 411. Whether it’s the buzz on the latest trends, hottest new beauty goodies, tips or advice, Maria has it all. [Photo Copyright of Suzie Frias]

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