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Grooming Your Guybrows Is Growing Beauty Trend

Grooming eyebrows for men is nothing out of the ordinary for the modern eyebrow stylists. Remington, a company who makes five multipurpose trimmers that include eyebrow combing attachments, conducted a survey which found that 63 percent of men regularly trim their ears, noses or eyebrows. 

In a recent article for the New York Times,  real estate developer Mr. Sultana described his first appointment with Ramy Gafni, an eyebrow stylist in Manhattan, whose celebrity clients include Britney Spears and Naomi Campbell. The specialty service Gafni offers is called “eyebrow sculpting.” After trimming the brows, Mr. Gafni used tweezers to pluck hair primarily from the bottom and then a bit from the top. Male clients represent less than 10 percent of Gafni’s business, but that number has tripled over the last few years, and some guys may prefer doing it in the privacy of their own homes.

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Mr Gafni said the treatment does not in any way feminize his male clients, who want to groom what he calls their ‘guybrows.’ Their secret is to never shape the brows to the point where they look ‘done.’ “I take the weight out of it and groom the brow but you don’t want it to look ‘done.’ Sometime I even leave a couple stray hairs so it looks less done, which I would never do for women.”

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As men grown older their eyebrows grow longer, you can chose to ignore it or get a subtle eyebrow wax or trim for a more polished and professional look.

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