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Doctor Warns Of Pedicure Risks

toe-nails-pedicure-beauty-newsNew nail polish and nail treatment have been getting more popular with their promise to stay on longer without chipping. At least one doctor is warning women of the risks of getting these new lacquer nail polishes applied during your next pedicure.

In these lacquer manicures and pedicures, UV lights are used to set and dry the polish. While you may not think of it, the UV rays being used are the same that you worry about for skin cancer. While the amount is low, Dr. Dina Tsenterensky of NYC FootCare warns that over a long period of time exposure to these lights can increase your chances of skin cancer. Many women would not think to check their feet or toe nails for signs.

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Dr. Tsenterensky is telling her patients to make sure to remove their toe nail polish at least once a week to keep an eye on the health of their nails. She says that noticing irregularities in your toe nails can help doctors foresee more serious issues such as diabetes and heart disease. You can also get moles under your toe nails that you would never see if they always had nail polish.

She is not telling people to stop getting these pedicures all of the time, but to be attentive to your toes and nails between each session.

[Photo via D. Sharon Pruitt]

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