Celebrity Hairstyle: Hilary Duff Gets Bangs

Hilary Duff Bangs HairstyleHilary Duff Bangs Hairstyle 2

Hilary Duff gave her fans a shock this weekend when she posted a picture of her new hairstyle on Twitter.

On Saturday, Hilary Duff tweeted “Leah the hair dresser! BANG BANG 😉 new moon…new me!” along with the above picture of herself getting the cut done. After her fans commented, Hilary posted a new picture of her new brown hair and blunt bangs saying, “Wow! Yes! A success! Thank god you guys love it makes me feel so good! Here’s one more pic just cause I liked it.”

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Over the years Hilary Duff has changed her hairstyle numerous times. This isn’t the first time the singer/actress has had bangs or darker hair. She had blonde bangs when she first burst onto the scene in the early 2000’s, but has kept her hair longer for some time. With bangs being a popular hairstyle trend now, it’s no surprise her decided it was time to return to the look.

[Photos via @HilaryDuff]

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