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Beauty Review: Olay Professional Pro X Cleansing System

Olay-Pro-X-Cleaning-systemWhen I was asked to try out the Olay Professional Pro X cleansing system, I was very excited. I had read many reviews and was already looking into the Clarisonic skin care system, but the $149 price tag seemed a bit much for my first exfoliating system. At $29.99 the Olay Pro X did just the trick.

The system comes with the device itself, as well as a brush head and sample size of the Pro X cleanser. The brush was about the same size as a Clarisonic and also had the two speed options to adjust the exfoliating power. After cleansing your face in circular motions with the brush for 60 seconds it left my skin feeling extremely clean and soft. This definitely goes beyond what you can do with just your fingers and cleanser.

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I would recommend using this only every other night because exfoliating every night isn’t necessary. I now always make sure to use mine and to tell you the truth I even get excited to use it!

If you’re not a fan of the cleanser, which has small beads to help the exfoliating process, you can swap it for your favourite fash wash. If you don’t want to pay up to $200 for a Clarisonic but are interested in a cleansing system, I would highly recommend the Olay Pro X, It has so many of the same features, I can hardly tell the difference.

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