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Beauty Review: BGP Tries Lush Hottie Massage Bar

lush-hottie-massage-bar-beauty-reviewWhen I received the Lush Hottie Massage Bar, I was intrigued. We’ve all seen massage oils, but I had never seen it in a solid. I loved the idea of the bar with raised bumps to give you a deep massage all in one. Using it was not as easy as it appeared though.

The first time I picked up the Hottie bar, I wanted to soothe my sore calves from a long day of walking. The only problem was the instant I started the bar began melting in my hands. It is supposed to melt a little to give you a smooth surface, but this was extreme melting. The massaging bumps were melting away without my getting to enjoy them. It was hard to control the slippery bar and give myself a massage I could enjoy. I quickly threw the bar into my refrigerator, cleaned my greasy hands and waited.

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A few days later, I tried for round two. This time I had someone else use the bar on my shoulders. This was much better! The bar was melting, but because it was cold from being in the fridge not as rapidly as the first time. I still couldn’t feel the bumps, but it didn’t matter because I was getting a massage from another person. The best part was the smell. The vanilla, ginger and cocoa butter scents were relaxing, soothing and rich to give an amazing aroma. This massage was definitely a success.

Like most massage oils, after all was said and done, my skin felt greasy and slick. I had no choice, but to hop in the shower to clean it off. That comes with the territory of getting a great massage though.

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If you are looking for something to use on yourself, I say skip the Hottie, but if you want to surprise your sweetie, it is the perfect under $10 gift of romance.

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