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Beauty Review: BGP Tries Beyonce Heat Rush Fragrance

beyonce-heat-rush-fragrance-reviewI would never have expected to be the type of girl who wears a Beyonce perfume, but being a beauty guinea pig can take you places you never dreamed. When the fragrance came I was hesitant. Fragrances are very personal. It either is you or it isn’t. As I hadn’t smelled the original Beyonce Heat fragrance, I didn’t even have a base line for what to expect.

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From the name and the ads, I expected Heat Rush to be intense. I was surprised by the smell from the first spray. Heat Rush is fruity and light. The orange bottle should be a big hint that Heat Rush has a definite citrus smell right off the top. As it lingers the citrus lightens to a nice light floral aroma. In essence, it is nothing like I expected.

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After a few moments I really enjoyed the floral smell, but it fades fast. This isn’t a perfume with much staying power. If you want it to stay all day, you may want to also invest in a body lotion that you can reapply on a whim. There is no chance it is going to last all day. It’s a shame because with spring coming quickly, Heat Rush puts you in the mood for warmer weather and sunny days.

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