Beauty Breakthrough: 21 Drops Aromatherapy

21-drops-aromatherapy-beauty-breakthrough-newsFor our latest beauty breakthrough we found a company offering on-the-go aromatherapy to cure your ailments whether it’s a headache at the office or insomnia.

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21 Drops is a company started by Cary Castor, a horiculturalist who understands the use of oils and plants in healing practices. She’s bringing her knowledge to you through on-the-go aromatherapy. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of using aromatherapy in your home or office before and how certain scents can help you be calmer and more relaxed. With the small 21 Drops travel oils, you can apply the same scents on yourself to get similar effect.

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There are 21 different solutions to cure everything from being tired, PMS, sore muscles, being stressed, needing to think clearly and indigestion. You can also get a custom oil made just for you after filling in a questionnaire. They will make a special oil to suit your needs.

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21 Drops oils contain natural ingrediants made from plants grown around the world. They are brought together and said to have these healing powers. The oils come in 7.5 mL travel vials with instructions on where to apply them when you are in need of a boost.

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