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Report Slams Celebrity Diets

gisele bundchen diet healthOn New Year’s, many people make resolutions to get fit and healthy this year. Right before we all look for the latest fad to get in shape, a report from Sense About Science arrives to debunk the myths on some the popular celebrity health fads and diets from last year. Here are some of the diets they are blasting:

The Master Cleanse was made popular in 2010 when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it, but their scientists are saying this diet can actually be quite dangerous because you are “starving” your body.

– David Beckham and Kate Middleton both wear the Power Balance bracelet to improve their strength, but sports scientists say the actual effects have more to do with their daily workouts than any special powers in the bracelet.

Gisele Bunchen criticised women who don’t breastfeed asking why they would give their children “chemical food.” Their scientist says there is no such thing as food without any chemicals nowadays

The report isn’t saying all celebrity diets are false, they just want you to make sure you get all of the facts before you spend you money or do something that could potentially harm your body. See more in the report here.

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