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Winter Skin Care Advice From Dr. Solish

With the snow falling outside of our windows, it’s hard to deny that winter is here. With winter comes snow, the holidays and dry skin. We turned to our expert Dr. Solish for advice on how to help our skin handle the colder weather.

Q: With the change in weather how should women be adjusting their skin care regimen?

A: In Canada when the weather changes and winter approaches we have to be conscious of changes to our skin. Typically we turn on the heat in our homes and with cold exposure our skin starts to get dry and irritated. Skin care regimens have to reflect this change. Most will move more towards a richer moisturizer. These have a higher oil to water content providing more moisturizing. You may need to test the products as if they are too rich and you are prone to acne it could cause your skin to break out.

As well, you may need need to switch to a soapless cleanser, decrease the frequency of exfoliants and don’t forget to help your environment by using things like humidifiers.

Finally remember you can still get a sunburn especially when doing activities like skiing, so don’t forget your sunscreen!

drsolish12Dr. Nowell Solish, M.D., FRCP is an Assistant Professor and director of Dermatologic surgery at The University of Toronto, as well as the co-director of the Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer clinic at Women’s College. He is the past president of The Canadian Society of Dermatologic surgery and a founding board member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. He is also a member of the American and Canadian Societies for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Solish’s interviews on skin care include appearances on ABC news, CBC news, Global Television, The National, CBC Radio, and Citytv to name a few. See more about him

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