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Beauty Review: BGP Tries The Soap Girl Body Butter

the soap girl body butter reviewAt Real Style, we love giving credit to innovative Canadians who are making our world a more beautiful place in fashion and beauty. The Soap Girl is a Canadian company started back in 1999 by a stay at home mom. Since then the line of natural and organic bath and body products has been growing each year. I hadn’t heard of The Soap Girl, but was willing to give their homegrown beauty products a shot.

I tried a few different products from The Soap Girl line, but there is one that stood out head and shoulders above the rest. When I first saw the Coconut Lime Solid Body Butter in the box, I thought it was deodorant. I was shocked and absolutely delighted to see what it really was. This company has created solid body butter in a deodorant-like stick that you can slide over your skin. No more goopy hands scooping out body butter from a tub. No more getting it stuck under my nails. I didn’t even have to get it on my hands if I didn’t want to. Why has no one ever thought of this before? This is absolutely brilliant!

The body butter is pretty thick, so it does leave a residue on your skin. It’s not slimy, you can just feel a film over your skin and it takes a long time to really absorb. With a product this smart, I am willing to forgive a few issues.

As an added bonus, The Soap Girl’s products are strong and vibrant smelling. The Coconut Lime (which was definitely more lime) was really powerful. I can almost hear the other scents, Cranberry Citrus and Acai Berry, calling my name now.

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