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Not Showering Or Using Deodorant Is The Beauty Trend

We are all worried about using more natural products to protect ourselves, but a subculture of people who don’t shower regularly or use deodorant to keep their skin fresh and safe is the extreme of this health and beauty trend.

A recent story in The New York Times took a look at these people, who could be working right beside you, that choose not to shower or use deodorant. No these aren’t hippies, these are executives, lawyers and business people.

Recent research has shown that not bathing every day may be good for your skin and hair as it allows your natural oils to build up and protect your skin. People who suffer from dry skin, exzema or unruly hair may benefit from skipping the shower because your skin and hair has natural oils and bacteria that are good for you.

Likewise, many of these people skip deodorant for fear that the chemicals in the product could be harmful (even causing cancer).

These people say they just smell like themselves, instead of the products they use. None of them have had issues at work or home with people complaining. They will shower or use a natural deodorant if necessary, like say after going to the gym.

The idea of never showering seems taboo to many of us, but they say you wouldn’t even know the difference. They say since most of us don’t have manual labour jobs where we are getting dirty everyday, the need for our daily shower just doesn’t exist. With societies obsession with looking and smelling beautiful, we aren’t sure this is a trend that is going to catch on any time soon.

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