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Justin Bieber Fragrance Announced

justin bieber fragranceJustin Bieber really is taking over with another beauty announcement from the pop star, this time in the form of a fragrance. The first Justin Bieber fragrance, My World, is in the works now.

Instead of going the traditional route, Justin Bieber’s first fragrance will be released in scented wristbands and dogtags (so you can smell like Bieber everywhere you go). The scent is embedded into the fabric and should stay for about a year. They will come in four different designs and cost $10 each.

This is a smart way to get youngsters buying perfume without the risk of them dousing themselves in Justin Bieber’s fragrance every morning. According to beauty news reports, the company creating these fragrance accessories, Etoile, says they plan on creating more scented accessories with other celebs soon.

The unisex scent will be in Walmart stores on Black Friday. As if shopping wasn’t already crazy enough on that day, now you will have to fight with Justin Bieber fans in line.

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