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Dry Skin Can Effect Your Whole Life

With winter coming, all Canadians will have a common beauty enemy… dry skin. Beauty and skin care brand Vaseline recently did a survey to see how our dry skin is effecting us. The results are a little surprising.

In the Vaseline Good Skin Day Survey, 60% of women admitted to thinking about their dry skin at least once a week and 20% thinking about it at least once a day. That is a lot of women walking around dreaming of a good moisturizer!

The dry skin problems don’t end there. Many women said dry skin actually made them change their daily routine and effected how they felt. Many women said they became uncomfortable because of dry skin, it got in the way of their sleep or changed the clothes they wore to help them be more comfortable or to cover up. Some women even said it has effected their contact with loved ones and their confidence.

So as the weather gets colder it is even more important to moisturize. It goes to show how far soft skin can go. Vaseline has released a new Intensive Rescue moisturizer for the winter. Our beauty guinea pig has gotten her hands on some, so look out for the review soon.

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