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Beauty Review: Old Spice Tropical Antiperspirant

old spice deodorantWhen Real Style Network’s beauty bloggers got the new line of Old Spice deodorants delivered here, we knew we couldn’t just give these men’s deodorants to our Beauty Guinea Pig to try out. We had to find a man… a man’s man. So our BGP took the deodorant home to find a man worthy of the ultimate test. Could her man transform into our favourite sexy commercial man overnight?

Her man tried out the new Old Spice Deodorants and here is what he had to say:

The new Old Spice deodorant is different, it doesn’t smell like you’d expect it to. It’s not very manly and it is very strong. The Fiji scent has a strong coconut smell. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was meant for girls. This is not my kind of scent. This for guys who can pull off a pink shirt at work. I can’t go around smelling like I’m wearing my girlfriend’s deodorant.

My favourite of them all is the Denali. Now this is a guy’s deodorant. The smell is still strong, but it’s not overwhelming.

These deodorants are tough. Ask the Beauty Guinea Pig, even after a long day of working outside in plus 30 degree temperatures, you could still smell the deodorant. That is tough stuff!

While it’s a fun for a change, I actually think I prefer the scent of the original Old Spice though. I’m a guy. I don’t need summery smelling deodorants.

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