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Aveda Adds Men’s Shaving Products

aveda shaving beauty productsWe usually spend all of our time talking about our favourite girly products on the beauty blog, but we know there are a few men out there taking a peak to see what is available to make them beautiful too. Or at least some girls who want their man to look his best, even if he doesn’t care.

Hair care company Aveda announced the launch of a new line of men’s shaving products this week. WWD reports the new Pure-Formance Shave Cream and Dual-Action Aftershave beauty products will be in stores next month.

Aveda says their shaving products will be both functional and include luxury scents, while many other products have one or the other. They say the products were developed specifically for men since their skin is different than womens.

Aveda will be giving out samples of the men’s products to women in their salons to try to coax the men into using the products. Brilliant move, since many women probably buy their man’s beauty products anyways.

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