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Simple Home Remedies for Clear Skin

washing face skin careby Bethany North, guest blogger

If you are struggling with breakouts on a regular basis, the answer is often no further than your kitchen cabinets! Using natural ingredients will give you the opportunity to treat and care for your skin from the inside out, and on top of that, they are seriously much cheaper than many over-the-counter beauty products.

1. Start out by steaming your pores. This is a wonderful way to open up clogged and impacted pores, and it will allow for better product absorption. You can heat water on the stove or in the microwave in a bowl, and then place a towel over your head with your face over the bowl to absorb the steam.

2. Create a mask from egg whites. Egg whites are highly nutritious for the surface of the skin, and they will remove external oils. On top of that, they will naturally hydrate acne prone skin so that your complexion is less prone to breakouts.

3. Make an oatmeal scrub. Exfoliation is the key to preventing breakouts by removing accumulated dead skin and oil from the complexion. You can simply mix in oatmeal with your regular facial cleanser, and it will create an abrasive scrub to remove dead skin cells that can often mix with oil in the complexion to cause painful acne lesions.

4. Treat blemishes. Freshly grind orange peel, and mix it with a small amount of water to create a paste to apply directly to breakouts. This will dry out the pimple and allow it to heal properly for smooth and beautiful skin!

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