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Lady Gaga Beauty Trend Growing

lady gaga beauty eyes makeupA new beauty fad has taken hold in the US all thanks to Lady Gaga’s outrageous look. Of all the things young girls have latched onto from Lady Gaga’s many many looks, it’s her eyes they want most. Girl have been ordering contacts online to get the wide eyed look of Lady Gaga from the Bad Romance video. The problem is that getting this look can be dangerous.

A beauty story in the New York Times revealed that to get this look girls have been ordering contraband circle lenses from Asia. These contact lenses, that come in a variety of shades, cover your iris and part of the white of your eye making it look bigger. The circle lenses started in Asia where girls wanted to get the look of Anime characters, but Lady Gaga’s beauty has brought it here.

The problem with the contact lenses is that by buying them online from another country there is no guarantee the contact lenses are safe. You have to  be wary of putting anything in your eye even if it is the latest beauty craze.

Don’t injure yourself for Lady Gaga’s crazy beauty. Especially to get a look that is obviously computer generated. If you wouldn’t wear a hat made of hair or a telephone on your head, why would you stick something in your eyes without being sure it is safe?

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