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Examining Sunscreen SPF Levels

bikini-girlEveryone has their own opinion on the proper SPF level to use. The sunscreen aisles in the drugstore have become seriously intimidating! Every number from 5 to 100 is represented and the prices range just as wildly. We talked to our skin care expert previously on his thoughts on what the right SPF is to use for most people. A story in the Los Angeles Times also examined sunscreen SPF levels.

The experts they talked to found that higher SPF levels only really translates to higher cost for you, not more protection from the sun. Most doctors, including our expert, suggest SPF 30 sunscreen.

S0me people will be surprised to know that sunscreen with an SPF of 60 is not double the protection of the recommended 30. It is how much longer it takes to burn in the sun. Since SPF 45 blocks 98% of the suns UV rays, you aren’t really going to get much better than that.

Instead doctors suggest you focus on putting on more sunscreen all over exposed areas and remember to reapply every few hours. Switching to a high SPF, but not using it properly won’t protect you from the sun any better.

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