Cool Sculpting Liposuction Alternative

We hear about a lot of radical beauty breakthroughs from around the world, that aren’t available here because they haven’t been approved. Our beauty breakthroughs team has found a liposuction alternative, Cool Sculpting,┬áthat is available in Canada now.

Cool Sculpting is a new process that helps people who are otherwise fit get rid of those last few bits of fat lingering around. This isn’t for people who are looking at serious liposuction and tummy tucks, but those who wish they could get rid of that one little problem area. It’s an alternative to going under the knife.

In essence Cool Sculpting uses a machine that cools and crystallizes your fat helping to eliminate it from your body. Without being a doctor, we aren’t exactly sure why this system works (or why if it’s that easy it hasn’t been done years before now). The whole thing takes up to three hours and they say you should start seeing results in three weeks. There’s no cutting or prodding involved and zero recovery time.

There are centers across Canada using Cool Sculpting as an alternative to liposuction including with our very own expert Dr. Nowell Solish.

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