Twilight Eclipse Star Kristen Stewart Debuts New Hair

Kristen Stewart

On the eve of the release of Twilight Eclipse, Kristen Stewart premiered with a brand new hair colour along with the blockbuster movie. Beauty news sites were surprised to see Kristen Stewart appear at The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday with red hair.

Kristen Stewart’s dark brown hair is known by Twilight fans around the world. She has cut it short and choppy for The Runaways, had long extensions on the red carpet or had Bella Swan’s Twilight waves. We think Kristen Stewart’s red hair really suits her.

The new red hair colour seems to give Kristen Stewart a lighter look for the summer. We have seen Kristen ramp up her fashion for the Twilight Eclipse premiere’s around the world. Maybe this new hair is all a part of the glamming of Kristen Stewart.

You can get the same red shade as Kristen Stewart by dying your hair a copper colour.

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