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Expert Sunscreen Advice From Dermatologist Dr. Solish

Real Style Beauty has been bringing you skin care advice from one of Canada’s top cosmetic dermatologists, Dr. Solish. With many of us thinking ahead to the summer months, we wanted to get some advice on sunscreen this week. See what sunscreens Dr. Solish recommended for our readers.

Q: With summer right around the corner, what is the SPF an average adult needs?

A: When picking a sunscreen there are two things to look for. One is the SPF, or sun protection factor. Usually a 15 is enough BUT that assumes the person is putting on a good thick layer of the sunscreen. Most are not good at applying sunscreen and do not get the full effects of the 15. They may only be getting half of that. That is one of the reasons I recommend a SPF of 30 or higher. Also is you are very fair it may not be enough to stop you from burning. The second thing to look for is a sunscreen that blocks UVA light. That is not measured by the SPF. Usually it will say UVA or broadspectrum sunscreen on the bottle. Another good thing to look for is a sunscreen recommended by the Canadian or American dermatology associations.

dr-solishDr. Nowell Solish, M.D., FRCP is  an Assistant Professor and director of Dermatologic surgery at The University of Toronto, as well as the co-director of the Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer clinic at Women’s College. He is the past president of The Canadian Society of Dermatologic surgery and a founding board member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. He is also a member of the American and Canadian Societies for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Solish’s interviews on skin care include appearances on ABC news, CBC news, Global Television, The National, CBC Radio, and Citytv to name a few. See more about him

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