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Eat A Cellulite Fighting Diet

bikini-girlThe summer is approaching. You don’t want a little cellulite to stop you from wearing your mini skirts, short shorts and bikini. Changing your diet can help protect your beautiful skin from pesky cellulite. Real Style Network Beauty blog found some great advice on the foods that will be a part of your skin care and health routines.

The first tip is to drink water. We all know we should be drinking water, but how many of us actually get our recommended glasses in. Drinking water will help your health in a number of ways this summer including having a healthier heart and more energy. In the summer heat it’s even more important. Fighting cellulite and keeping your skin smooth is an extra reason to drink up.

Vitamin C is crucial to fighting cellulite. Getting more vitamin C in your diet helps strengthen collagen in your skin keeping it firm and smooth. Your best sources of vitamin C are fruits and veggies like black current, red pepper, parsley and broccoli.

Finally whole grains are the way to go. Whole grains won’t make your blood sugar spike the way that white bread and sugary cereals do. This makes it easier for your body to burn off fat. Eating those other foods just means more fat cells with nowhere to go, creating cellulite. Supplement your regular white bread, rice and pasta for a whole wheat version.

These tips won’t get rid of the cellulite you have and you will still need your regular anti-cellulite products, but a few easy diet changes and you will be fighting any future cellulite.

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