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Designer Brian Bailey Creates Makeup Line

brian-bailey-cosmeticsCanadian fashion designers are following the trend of creating their own cosmetics lines. Real Style Beauty told you about the Joe Fresh beauty line, now Canadian fashion designer Brian Bailey is joining them on the makeup market. Brian Bailey has created his own beauty line to be sold on The Shopping Channel.

Bailey Cosmetics is the makeup line from this Canadian fashion expert. The new line is composed of colours that will enhance your natural beauty. There aren’t a lot of wild flashy colours in the makeup line. These are neutral shades that will give you the natural look.

Bailey Cosmetics consists of five basic makeup items to create your whole look. The five items are a Foundation Duo, an Eyeshadow Duo, Lip Gloss, an Eyebrow Pencil, and a Blush Duo. The items were made to work on a variety of skin tones and colours. This is the perfect line for the woman who doesn’t want all of the fuss of sifting through many bold colours. This will give you the perfect look everyday in five steps.

As an added bonus the compacts and bags are all recyclable.

The five basic items are available as a set for $99.86 on The Shopping Channel or you can purchase each item separately.

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