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(Hint: Ombré is out.) Turn to page 40 for more.
Vladimir Martí was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Switzerland and studied at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. He travelled around the world as a reporter before his passion for light and creative images led him to fashion and beauty photography. His work can be seen in Marie Claire, GQ, L’O ciel, Glamour, Vogue, Woman Madame Figaro, Telva, Grazia and InStyle.  is issue, Marti shot “In Bloom,” page 56.
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Michael David Adams is based out of New York City, but can also be found all around the world scouting for his next location shoot, from Paris
to Croatia, Vieques, Puerto Rico, Venice, London and more. When not shooting in amazing locations around the globe, you can  nd him submerged under the surface photographing his next Underwater Series. You can see Michael’s work on page 46 in “Gypsy Woman.”
Catalina Margulis is a former Flare and Elle Canada editor whose byline spans fashion, beauty, health, travel, business, food and parenting.  is issue, the Real Style executive editor got to chat with celebrity stylists David Babaii and Michael Canalé about the latest hair trends.
Esther Rogers is a Toronto-based writer and editor. She has worked in fashion, beauty and lifestyle in London and Los Angeles, and is currently the managing editor of MISC, a global magazine focused on insight, foresight and innovation. She was recently honoured in Folio’s Top Women in Media awards. She also moonlights as a voice actor and improv performer.  is issue, Rogers tackles eveningwear, page 62.

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