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Launched in 2007, Luminato is Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativ- ity. It’s an annual celebration that takes the city by storm each June, and brings together not just Canadian artists, but those from around the world as well. A majority of the events are free, and each year new works of art are commissioned speci cally for it. Here are some of the highlights you don’t want to miss this year.
Vertical influences – June 22 - 25
If you like dance, and skating, be sure to catch Montreal’s Le Patin Li- bre. Their unique form of dance takes place on the ice, and combines the attitude of street dance with the athleticism of competitive skating, as they tell a story about individuals and the groups they belong to. You’ll also get to sit closer to the performers than you would imagine, as the spectators get to sit right on the ice. You’ll never get this close to the Olympic stage!
King arthur’s night – June 15 - 18
Vancouver’s Neworld Theatre was commissioned by Luminato to create King Arthur’s Night, a new play that was co-created by Niall McNeil, an artist living with Down syndrome. From a betrayed love, to animals learning to walk and talk, to a revolt by the masses, King Arthur’s Night will make you look at King Arthur in a completely new way.
en aVant, marche! – June 21 – 24
Local Toronto group Weston Silver Band joins four actors and seven musicians to help play marching band classics and music from Verdi, Beethoven and Schubert. The story follows a trombone player who is forced to play the cymbals after becoming ill. He’s a terror to his band, as he talks to the audience and dances ballet. It’s a slapstick comedy, yet something much more. Multiple genres are fused into one to create a fun show you won’t soon forget.
BreaKin’ conVention – June 23 – 25
The International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre will be part of Luminato this year, which means the very best crews from around the world will be here. The event will be hosted by UK hip hop pio- neer Jonzi D. The weekend of per- formances will be highlighted by world champion b-boy and b-girl
crews, and will feature many other cutting edge dance companies. Head- lining the event will be shows by some of Canada’s best—Juxtapose, Lockunity and RoyaLazyness—performing with international acts Just Dance (South Korea), Soweto Skeleton Movers (South Africa) and Bird- Gang Dance Company (UK).
the famous spiegeltent - June 14 - 25
David Pecaut Square will be taken over for the entire run of Luminato, transformed by a 1920s Belgian mirror tent. Musicians, both international and local, theatre and cabaret artists, clowns and more will call it home. This structure has travelled the world, and provided an intimate performance space in cities such as Melbourne, Brighton and Montreal, and will once again provide a perfect place to be inspired.

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