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MoDel of tHe MoMent
Aiden Curtiss
It can be said that modelling is in Aiden Curtiss’ blood; fashion certainly seems to run in her family. Curtiss’ mother was the late Guinea-born model Katoucha Niane, who tragically drowned in 2008, and her father is menswear designer Nigel Curtiss. With her deep tan complexion, soulful brown eyes and dark curls, Curtiss has clearly inherited her mother’s exotic beauty, along with her father’s  air
for fashion. While she may be just 19 years old, Curtiss is an increasingly popular catwalk face and appeared in several Spring/Summer 2017 shows. This season, Curtiss was spotted at Roland Mouret, Maison Margiela
and Jean Paul Gaultier. She was also the star of Gap’s Spring 2017 ad campaign, alongside fellow up-and- coming model Grace Elizabeth.
Besides boasting a  erce walk
on the runways and a street style- worthy edgy sense of fashion (which often involves oversized jackets and distressed denim), Curtiss is also a musician and producer.
Still, the emerging star remains grounded and focused, despite
her rapid rise to fame. In a recent interview with Vogue, Curtiss shared her aim-to-please work ethic. “[The best aspect] is probably when the whole team on set or working on a show is happy with you and your work. It’s rewarding to see the people who you’re collaborating with excited about your work.” With the spotlight  xed on Curtiss, we’ll be keeping an eye on her in the seasons to come.
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