The popularity of sustainable fashion continues to grow.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

You’ve probably heard the term sustainable fashion at some point, but don’t fully understand what it is. Here’s how it’s defined, and how you can follow it.


How cold weather can damage you hair

How Cold Weather Can Harm Your Hair And How To Prevent It

We all know what cold weather can do to our skin, but how many of us wonder what it can do to our hair? Learn more here, and how to prevent it.


Here's how to save money in the winter

Tips for Reducing Home Heating Costs

Here are some tips most of us should be following to reduce your home heating costs low, and still keep warm at the same time.


Young woman stretching outdoors with a smile

Fall 2023’s Hot Activewear Trends

Athleisure is all about ready-to-wear clothing that you can be active or relax in. Here are some hot activewear trends for fall 2023.


La Roche Posay Is Canada’s Favourite Beauty Brand

According to a report released by, La Roche Posay is number one beauty brand in Canada, with Glossier taking the top spot in the United States. 


2023 Ontario Christmas Events You Won’t Want To Miss

Ontario is a magical place this time of the year, and here are some of the top Christmas events you are going to want to check out.


Here's how you can spot a counterfeit handbag

How To Spot A Fake Handbag

Here’s some easy tips to follow on how to spot a counterfeit or fake handbag before using your hard earned money to purchase one.


Skin Flooding is the latest skincare craze.

What Is Skin Flooding?

The latest skin care trend is called skin flooding, and it’s taking TikTok by storm. It’s a trend almost everyone can try, because it’s pretty simple to do.


Steps to get your yard ready for winter.

Things To Do To Get Your Yard Ready Before Snow Starts To Fall

With temperatures dropping, it’s time to take care of your yard before it becomes too late. Here are some of the things you need to do before the snow arrives.


Fall 2023’s 5 Best Coat Trends

It’s time to dig the jackets out storage. Here are some of the best coat trends to make a fashion statement, while keeping yourself warm and dry.


Woman applying skincare products to her face.

Top Skincare Products To Match Fall’s Biggest Beauty Trends

With fall comes new beauty routines and trends. Here are some of the biggest trends and the top skincare products you need to buy now to match them.


A house with Halloween pumpkins and halloween decorations at Halloween night on a city street. Trick or treat.

6 Spooky Ways To Prepare Your House For Halloween

While Jack-o-lanterns have always been the norm, many houses go all out these days to try decorate their homes for Halloween.


Nike Is The World’s Most Valuable Apparel Brand

Once again Nike is the world’s most valuable apparel brand, valued at 31.3 billion US dollars, according to leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.


How To Prepare Your Skin For Cooler Weather

As we prepare for the cooler weather, we tend to forget to change our skincare routine.  Here are some things you should do to keep it hydrated this season.


Art Exhibitions To Check Out Across Canada This Fall

Major art exhibitions have begun opening up at galleries across Canada, and with the weather starting to cool down, it’s the perfect time to plan your visit.


The Head Master

Real Style Fashion Correspondent Hilary Alexander met up with the world famous hat designer Philip Treacy in his studio in London.


The Best Fragrances To Try This Season

With back to school comes cooler weather and the need for you to switch up your fragrance. Here are a few you may want to give a try this season.


Hraunfossar (Borgarfjordur, western Iceland), a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming out of the Hallmundarhraun lava field which flowed from an eruption of one of the volcanoes lying under the glacier Langjökull. The waterfalls pour into the Hvítá river.

The Best Place In The World To View Autumn Colours

Even though there might be a chill in the air, there’s something magical about exploring the world and seeing the beautiful autumn colours on the trees.