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House Of Holland’s Fashion Faves From Holidays To Spring


If you usually covet bold and edgy style, then there’s no one better to get style tips from than House of Holland designer Henry Holland. The fashion line is notoriously brightly-coloured and inspired by street, hip-hop style, while being super feminine and appropriate for various settings. Holland shares with Real Style his favourite looks for the holidays through to the spring.

Real Style: If a woman had to reinvent her wardrobe using only one transitional piece from your collection, what would it by and why?

Henry Holland:A great jacket, I love outerwear, in the UK it’s all people see because our weather is so crap.

RS: What are your holiday fashion must-haves and why?

HH: Hair dryer and hair wax. I don’t care what I’m wearing, if my hair is not done I feel undressed.

RS: What are your favourite holiday accessories?

HH: Sunglasses! I think sunglasses are probably the best accessory on holiday. Firstly you need them but they also are a great way to accessories an outfit in places there aren’t many other options.

RS: If someone could only buy one piece from your collection for a holiday gift, what would it be and why?

HH: Sunglasses are a great gift. They can fit in a stocking and can help with all the New Year hangovers!

RS: What is on your holiday wish list?

HH:A puppy. Same every year. Still not managed it yet though!

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RS: What are the three spring essentials every woman needs to invest in?

HH:White – anything white. Trainers are still a strong trend. And backpacks: I’m loving that girls are getting on board with my fave.

RS: What is your favourite spring beauty trend you saw coming down the runways?

HH:Dewy faces: I think it’s a much more modern look than matte, matte, matte.

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