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Designer Picks: Kimberley Newport-Mimran Discusses Her Inspiration & Summer 2013 Faves

Following the debut of Pink Tartan’s Fall 2013 collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week, Real Style had the chance to speak with Toronto fashion designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran backstage about her unexpected inspiration and fashion faves for Spring/Summer 2013. This new collection definitely took a far turn from her sweet and girly Spring 2013 line and Kim gave us the scoop on which tough blonde was her muse in the design process. With a gorgeous new collection full of luxurious prints and silhouettes, we will definitely be using all of her valuable style advice.

Real Style Network: Your spring collection was very girly and 60’s inspired but the Fall collection is definitely much darker and sophisticated, what inspired you this season?

Kimberley Newport-Mimran: For this collection I was inspired by American Horror Story and I drew a little bit of Hitchcock out of that too. I love Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon and I love her in this series. I always take a muse every season that I dress, I think about and sort of model the collection around. I loved how sophisticated and pulled together she was, but there was something sort of so dark and underline, that’s what this collection will show you on the runway.

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RS: What kind of woman do you think this collection caters to?

KNM: I think everybody should be wearing this collection. I design clothes for everyday. I design sportswear. It’s really day-to-dinner and I love being fashion forward but keeping it work appropriate. I’m working all the time but I want to wear clothes that are the trend and that are current but still be able to get on a plane and go to a meeting and still, they live my life with me.

RS: When you were in the design process what was the first step you took to building upon your vision?

KMN: Well, this is a luxurious collection, it has a lot of luxurious fabrics. I like longer skirt lengths, I always start every collection off thinking about the fabrics. That’s the building block of the collection. I think about how I can get inspired by the cloth. I’m loving sheer fur this season as opposed to big fluffy fur, I love the way it drapes and falls. There is a lot of draping in this collection to which is a little bit of a new thing for me, I did a lot of capes and drapes.

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RSN: What are your three summer essentials for women? 

KNM: I definitely love the power stretch dress because I love the way that travels. It’s easy care and it’s packable. The other thing is the cape, I’m loving a cape for fall but it’s starting in Spring as a little cover up to wear instead of a cardigan and my third thing is a pointy toed pump.

RSN: What are your favourite summer accessories?

KNM: I’m a handbag lover so I think a handbag is always a great splurge. I just bought my new spring handbag which I love and is Dior. I think a great summer shoe and a lipstick is essential. The three things every woman needs to revamp her wardrobe for spring is a bag, a lip and a shoe. I’m liking a coral for spring and a very nude lip for fall.

[Photos by Paul Ross and Melonie de Guzman for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway]

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