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Wardrobe Signs That Kim Kardashian Has Been Pregnant For The Last 3 Months

Kim Kardashian blew us away with the news that she and Kanye West are expecting their first baby together. “Kim Kardashian pregnant?” we thought. “This is definitely a not so typical New Year’s Eve for the Kardashian family!” How did we not see the clues that Kim was pregnant? There are many reasons why Kim and Kanye probably wanted to have a baby right now  – No. 1 being that Beyonce and Jay-Z will now have a playmate for Blue Ivy.

Kim is currently three months pregnant and will no doubt have the second most talked about baby of 2013, right after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal baby, of course! It seems like Kim Kardashian has been trying to tell us that she’s been pregnant the whole time. We took a look back at Kim Kardashian’s fashion over the last three months to see all the clues and signs that Kim Kardashian was pregnant. We can’t believe we didn’t see the signs. They were in her wardrobe the whole time. Here they are!

Kim Kardashian Debuts Baby Bump Pose
At an event for her brother Rob Kardashian at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour on December 10th, Kim Kardashian decided to try out a new pose for the camera. Although the curvy reality star is known for her famous pose where she turns her head around while showing off her fabulous backside to the camera, Kim debuted a new profile pose showing off what we didn’t yet know was the soon-to-be-famous Kim Kardashian baby bump. How did we not see this as a sign?!

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Kim Kardashian Dressed More Conservatively In 2012
Kim Kardashian is known for her tight-fitting clothes, but in 2012, Kim K had a noticably more sophisticated wardrobe. We thought that was all thanks to boyfriend Kanye West’s makeover of Kim’s closet, but now we can’t help but wonder if Kim was just getting ready to be a Mom the whole time. Megan Fox just went on record as saying she plans to dress less sexy now that she’s a mother. It looks like Kim is following her lead!

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Kim Kardashian Has Been Sporting Over-Sized Coats
The best way to hide a baby bump? With an over-sized coat, of course! Kim has been rocking one oversized coat after another this winter, and we thought it had everything to do with the current fashion trend and not the baby bump she was hiding underneath. Even accessible fashions like Maison Martin Margiela for H&M made over-sized coats popular for the mainstream in 2012-2013, but it looks like Kim had another secret reason altogether to embrace the trend.

Kim Kardashian Debuted Her Hospital Style In 2012
In a September 2012 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and Khloe visited a fertility specialist. Although the focus was supposed to be on Khloe who has yet to conceive with husband Lamar Odom, Kim soon piped in about her own concerns that she’ll have trouble getting pregnant now that she’s in her 30s. “Am I missing my time?” Kim, who is now 32 years old, asked before having the doctor examine her while she discussed getting her eggs frozen. The whole subject of getting her eggs frozen should be a sign that she was planning to start a family soon, but we also think Kim wanted to test the waters on her famous reality show to see if her fans like “Doctor’s Office Kim” as much as they like “Socialite Kim Kardashian.”

So what will Kim Kardashian wear tonight? We have a few ideas! Kim Kardashian will be celebrating New Year’s Eve tonight in Las Vegas at 1 Oak with boyfriend Kanye West where she’ll show off her baby bump officially for the first time, no doubt in an haute couture ensemble. Check out our post:  Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s Eve Outfit Predictions.

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