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Heidi Klum Dresses Like Cleopatra For The Holidays

Heidi Klum dressed up like Cleopatra this weekend to sit on Santa’s knee and share the holiday spirit in a late Halloween costume. The Victoria’s Secret model is known for her amazing Halloween costumes was noticeably missing from this Halloween’s fun and festivities. She delighted fans with a belated Haunted Holiday party in this Cleopatra gown.

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Heidi Klum told reported that she did not dress up for Halloween because she felt it was too soon after Hurricane Sandy to be celebrating, but she couldn’t let this costume go to waste. Heidi Klum’s Cleopatra costume included a floor-length gown and gold cape. If you think there is something strage about her face, it’s because Heidi has hundred of Swarovski crystals stuck to her face along with the large gold headpiece.

While it may be a little late, we are glad to see Heidi hasn’t lost her Halloween spirit.

[Photo via Keystone Press]

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