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Adam Sandler's Greatest Hits

When Adam Sandler started popping up on Saturday Night Live in the early 90′s at the age of 24 everyone knew the guy had talent.  He started out as a writer, but his ability to come up with unique characters started getting him more and more screen time.  You knew that sooner or later he would make a move to the big screen, and once he did there would be no turning back.  This week he stars in the sequel to the 2010 surprise hit Grown Ups, which means it’s a perfect time to take a look back at his wonderful career.

Happy Gilmore –  There is no way anyone other than Sandler would have ever come up with a story like this one.  A hockey player tries to raise money in a golf tournament to save his grandmother’s house.  Watching Sandler get beat up by Bob Barker alone is worth watching this movie for.

The Wedding Singer – Sandler showed everyone that he could sing during his time on Saturday Night Live, and he showcases that talent in this flick where he plays a wedding singer who falls for an engaged women.  Oh did we mention that he’s engaged as well?  This is the first of his movies with co-star Drew Berrymore.

Anger Management – Teaming Sandler with Academy Award winning actor Jack Nicholson was a stroke of genius.  This far fetched comedy was turned into a hit tv series starring Charlie Sheen, and as dumb as it is it will make you laugh over and over again.

50 First Dates – The duo of Sandler and Berrymore worked so well the first time around that it was a no-brainer bring them back together.  This time Berrymore plays a women who suffers from short term memory loss, and doesn’t remember things for longer than a day, which makes it hard for Sandler to start a relationship with her.

Big Daddy – Sandler adopts a kid to impress his girlfriend, but in the end he learns more from the kid than the kid learns from him.  Like most Sandler movies the plot is ridiculous, but this one is heart warming at times and will make you laugh at others.

Mr. Deeds – Small town man inherits a controlling stake in a large company and heads off to the big city to seek his fortune.  This one is about the age old adage of power corrupting, but with Sandler’s innocent charm and incorruptible personality.

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