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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Armie Hammer

At age 26, Armie Hammer is quickly becoming a rising male star in Hollywood, with his blue-eyed good looks and ability to take on a variety of roles (most of us may remember him as the actor who played both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network).  With his upcoming role as John Reid in Lone Ranger (in theatres July 3), we decided to take a closer look at the 6’5 actor and his various quirks. Here are five things about Armie Hammer that we bet are news to you:

1) Owns a bakery with his wife: Along with model and TV journalist Elizabeth Chambers (who he married in 2010), the actor owns Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas. Bird specializes in cupcakes and coffee, and was launched by the power couple in 2011.

2) Sold Playboy magazines in eighth grade: In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, the star describes himself as a boy with an eye for adventure and a habit of getting into trouble growing up. He and a friend sold copies of the men’s magazine to their middle school classmates (cleverly paired with bottles of lotions for a two-for-one deal)- and managed to get away with it!

3) Is a self-described McDonald’s addict: In the same interview, he describes himself as having “a guilty abusive relationship” with McDonald’s and is a confessed fan of their hamburgers. Everyone has that one guilty fast food pleasure, so we’ll forgive you, Armie!

4) Doesn’t use social media: Unlike most other celebrities, Armie Hammer refrains from social media and is reported as not having an Instagram or Twitter to keep up with fans.

5) Enjoys collecting guns: In an interview with Elle magazine, the actor discusses his love of guns, which started with family trips to shooting ranges while growing up. With Lone Ranger being a Western flick with plenty of shooting and action, we’re sure that Armie will be right at home in his latest role!

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