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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jamie Foxx

With Jamie Foxx starring in the upcoming White House Down as President James Sawyer (in theatres on June 28th), we decided to take a closer look at the 45-year-old’s impressive Hollywood career. Like any other star, there is much more to him than what meets the eye on the silver screen. Here’s a roundup of five facts about Jamie Foxx which we bet are news to you:

1) Was the class clown growing up: If you’re a fan of Jamie Foxx (who has the magical ability to shift between serious and humorous roles), this one might not be surprising. In an interview with Men’s Health, Foxx describes his chameleon-like comic gifts (“As a comedian, you have to do it in different rooms. You can do it in the hood… And I took that same muscle and did it uptown, where the audience is Robert De Niro and Al Pacino and all those guys”). He describes telling so many jokes as a young boy in class that his teachers would actually give him time at the end of the day for his routine!

2) Played football in both high school and college: Although acting has now become his passion, Foxx was a quarterback throughout high school and again during his college years while attending San Diego’s United States International University.

3) Was a classical piano student: Foxx expressed an appreciation and gift for music from a young age, attending college in San Diego followed by Juillard in New York City on a classical piano scholarship. Although starring in last year’s acclaimed and action-heavy Django Unchained might be a far cry from perfecting musical notes, it’s clear that everyone starts out somewhere.

4) Describes breaded chicken as his best dish: In an interview with British GQ, Foxx describes baked breaded chicken made with egg, Italian breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese as his speciality. Yum!

5) Once suffered a hairstyle disaster at the hands of his grandma: Foxx goes on to describe a particularly memorable hair treatment in the same article, where his grandmother went overboard with relaxing his hair- whoops! As funny as it may seem now, we’re sure he’s learned his lesson the hard way- always leave the hairstyling to a pro.

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